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about us - Sneaker Czar Used Snkears & Shoes Wholesale Bulk

Having quality shoes to wear shouldn’t be a first-world luxury, it should to be a worldwide need. Many adults and children in third-world and developing countries just don’t have the quality footwear that is needed in locations where there aren’t even paved streets. Children walk around barefoot or with little or no protection from the elements. I’ve seen this first-hand, and it’s just unacceptable. Now, Sneaker Czar, a new quality used sneaker wholesale company is trying to fix all that by providing quality used sneakers to places all over the world. Sneaker Czar is a company that ships 20 ft and 40 ft containers all over the world filled with quality used sneakers for everyone to enjoy.

Many sneaker and shoe companies just don’t cater to the individuals in the struggling countries with nothing to wear on their feet. Thankfully now, with Sneaker Czar, those who want quality used sneakers can get them at wholesale prices very easily. This makes for a great way to spread the gift of footwear to anyone who needs them. Sneaker Czar’s quality used sneakers are highly demanded worldwide, in places all over the globe. In order to get to some of these far-away destinations Sneaker Czar ships these quality used sneakers in 20 or 40 foot high cube containers to maximize the amount of quality used sneakers that they can hold. In addition, Sneaker Czar also has the highest quality name brands available at quality used sneaker wholesale prices, making Sneaker Czar one of the leading companies in distributing name brand sneakers worldwide. The feeling of getting a child who never had sneakers before quality name brand used sneakers is what Sneaker Czar is in business to do.

Getting quality brand name used sneakers into the hands of the people that need them is the mission of Sneaker Czar. Far too many children have never had the opportunity to wear shoes with soles, much less have the opportunity to wear name brand used sneakers. Giving these people the ability to be able to protect their precious feet from the dangers of unpaved roads is one of the goals of Sneaker Czar, simply because they need it. 2012 is a time for change, with Sneaker Czar spearheading the contest by providing brand name used sneakers at wholesale prices. These types of things are what is needed in the world today, and with companies like Sneaker Czar setting the example by simply providing a used sneaker wholesale option to the worldwide market, it would suffice to say that the world is in fact getting better every day.

If you are interested in how we ship our Used sneaker wholesale we ship them by using large containers. We have a 20ft and a 40ft container that we use for our shipping purposes. Our 20ft container can hold 320 bags of shoes that weight 50 pounds a piece and our 40ft containers can hold 740 bags of shoes that weigh 50 pounds for each.  We have competitive prices for all over the world shipping. For more Information regarding wholesale prices of used sneakers contact us today!